Widget from level blue print


I have been banging my head to the wall to be able to access a widget BP from level BP but Alas, all in failure. After casting to the widget BP, the object pin needs to be plugged in with something. I tried Get Controller, get Character from dropdown but none is working. every time it gives me warning that Widget BP is not inherited.

Can someone help me and save me from this misery so I can move on with my project. PLEASE


In my first project, i had the same problem. It’s not possible to cast to the LevelBP and access it. If you have created it there and promoted to a variable you can’t access it.
I found a solution but in the future, you should avoid doing it like that. What I did is “get all widgets of Class” function node (Select the widget class you need) and drag of the found widget array and get 0. from there you have access to your widget.

Hope that helps you to continue. But keep in mind that this is not a good way to do it.

Happy New Year.

Hi Ikav,

Thanks for the tip. Fortunately after browsing through literally 100s of tutorial I have finally manage to solve this issue with proper casting.

I have a HUD widget which I have connected in my motion controller pawn BP, Infront of the camera. The HUD widget has a text box, which I want to update with a new value based on a collision overlap of another actor. The issue is this that, if I place the widget in environment , the text value gets updated but If I use the widget as a HUD, it doesn’t.

By the way I’m doing this in VR project. Any hints on this one?


Happy New Year to you as well