Widget Event Dispatcher don't work in Stand Alone

In my project I have some UI buttons on my widget. They fire the corresponding Event Dispatcher and somewhere else (in the pawn BP) the event is handled.
This works just OK in editor. It doesn’t in Stand Alone/Packed form.
The rest of the game works OK, the widget doesn’t.
Using PrintString I see the button correctly fires, but the correspondind EventDispatcher doesn’t.
Any help is appreciated.


It’s probably a timing problem. The actor being bound to isn’t ready in time for the binding. To test this, just put a delay before the bind. It’s not the final solution, but it will give you an idea…

It seems to be exactly that, thank you @ClockworkOcean.
Yet, it is disappointing facing this difference between InEditor and StandAlone… I ask myself how many more should I expect…

From what I read here ( in the forums ) possibly quite a lot :slight_smile:

There are two ways around the problem:

  1. Write the broadcaster to it says when it’s ready for binding.

  2. Put the actors ( broadcaster and binders ) in different tick groups. This will only work if there are no latency nodes in the chain ( like delay ):

PS: To be fair, it was only coincidence they ran the right way around in the editor…

Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind.

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