Widget blueprint scaling on screen

Hello! I am creating an android project. I have scaled the game camera resolution to be perfect on mobile devices. Here is my problem. Id like to get the widget blueprint editor seem the same as the actuall resolution of the game it self. What I mean is that in widget blueprint editor when I but text at the middle of the editor screen, in game it is not at the center. How Im I able to get the widget blueprint to be the same size as the game it self?

I also have an other question. How am I able to get the game scaled at the size of every mobile devices? At this moment there are small blackboxes on top and below. I weuld like to get the game streched for every device differently.

All help is appreciated so much! Sorry for bad english!

Hi @Suuri_Johtaja

i think is a bit complex, i try to be clear.

you can have a lot of device with different screen resolution.
To adapt your game there are some ways .

1)block the camera aspect ratio.
if you do this, all the devices will have to display the same shape proportion like 16/9
if the device dont have such proportion , he will scale the game as much as he can.
Leaving 2 more option,
display 2 black areas where the screen is too long, OR enlarge the game until everything is covered but some part of the game will go offscreen.
2) Take advantage of the ancor points making the widgets. and use scalebox too
a scalebox can resize the widget HTF do I? Use the Scale Box in UMG - YouTube
you can use this in combination with the ancors to place the widget correctly but have some catches too…

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