Widget/Blueprint Help

Hi. I have been using Unreal Engine four about a year now. I have currently been working on a Level Selection Widget/Blueprint and everything works. Currently when a button is clicked, there is to make a short delay with a “Now Loading” text-section so the map can load (Just a short period of time).
However there are two things I may want changed.

  1. How would I change the Print Text box to be bigger, somewhere else instead of the top left corner?
  2. Once one level is selected, how would the button (when pressed) stop actions such as stopping other buttons being clicked?

If you know how to work this out, thanks!

PrintString is used for debugging only, not for messaging or such.
Better create a UMG with Text widget to show Text where and as big as you want.

Reference the Button Widget, get it, drag out the Pin and use “Set is enabled” to set it to false.
This will make the Button being in its Disabled State (greyed out).