Widget Blue Print Option Won't Appear

For some reason the Widget Blue Print in the User Interface just isn’t showing up for me. Am I using an outdated version or do I need to do something else first? All that comes up is Slate Brush and Slate Widget Brush. All the tutorials I can find show the Widget Blue Print option just below those two.

If you are using engine 4.4.3 UMG is experimental and it must be enabled in Project Settings, older version than 4.4.3 did not have UMG. From 4.5.1 (and now 4.6) UMG is enabled by default. Which engine version are you using?

Click “Edit” then click “Editor Preferences” and under Experimental Tab enable “Unreal Motion Graphics(UMG)”

Bare in mind that UMG from 4.4.3 differ a lot from 4.5.1. Its unstable and code changed. So learning UMG from 4.4.3 will not give you any benefit when moving to 4.5.1 or 4.6

Okay, I managed to get a HUD Blue Print by creating one from the Blue Print drop down menu at the top of the screen. But it still doesn’t appear as an option when I try to add it to my folders and I’d like to know why.

Yes, I’m using 4.43

Edit:I’ve managed to find it and can now use it. Thanks for that.

Glad i helped (: