Widget and Sound dont stop looping

Hello, I have two big problems in my Shooter. I want on 30% Health that a Vignette and a Low Health sound pop up. But I want that the Vignette and Sound stops when The player is above 30% Health, but it´s not Working. After the Player fells under 30% The Sound and Vignette are still there(Endless). I spend Hours to fix it, but now I need your Help.

So here is my question: How can I stop them both from looping when they are over 30%?

Thanks in advance^^

You might have a number of issues there.

  1. The health is either < 30, or >= 30. So if it’s not < 30, you don’t need to test it.

  2. You need to check the widget ref before removing it, otherwise you’ll be getting errors.

  3. You need to keep a ref to the sound, so you can stop it.

I’m assuming you have this on Tick. Not a great idea, having it on a timer would be better, but it doesn’t really matter.

So, a more likely to work graph would be:

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Wow, thanks a lot it works now. And Thanks for making a extra blueprint for me:D. I´ve never worked with the sequence.

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