Widget always start with random number

Where is that number?

Could you show us how you did the binding and the count for your coins (I assume it’s the coin variable)?

You said it makes the sound of coins (since this looks alright) so it looks as if you’d legit collect coins.

I assume you set the coins per tile to 6 which would make sense to me since you always get a multiple of 6.

So by now we can pretty much guarantee that you’re spawning and instantly collecting those by accident. Can you check your coins or character if one of them has some huge part which might cause to start to overlap as soon as the game plays?

This is everything I have about coins, and nothing of 6. The widget start with some 6 multiple then just add 1, like it should do, but never start with 0

I’m trying to make a endless runner game and everything goes fine, but my widget always start with some random number, usually a 6 multiple, when the player start he make the sound of coins and a random number on the screen, it’s all exactly as in the tutorial, can someone help me please?

Yeah, was exactly as in the tutorial,

You actually do use 6 in “Spawn Coins”. With your first index being 0 and your last being 5 you have the possible numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 which makes 6 in total so you spawn 6 coins per tile with coins.

My question was more about when you collect them. Like does the collision work properly if you walk into it later on? Do you see any coins at all near your character?

I see nothing, the player spawn then the sound and the coins are already there

No I mean like when you start running. Do you see coins after a while or does it just increase / you only see coins in a bit of a distance?

Everything normal, the blockers and coins spawn normally, even the other pickup I made spawn

Well then it’s already quite narrowed down.

It has to be something directly related to the spawn of the coins, At random it spawns various multiplier of 6 coins (which is as expected).

Can you try just using a new level for testing? Maybe you have some of those tiles placed in your level by accident or something like that.

I tested and the problem continues

I try deactive the loop then it started between 1 and 6 coins

Then I have no idea. It’s nothing obvious at least I don’t see anything obvious. I would have to check the whole project to tell anything further. All I would do is start checking what is spawned, when and from where and then try to figure out why that happens step by step.

Here’s a page on how to do debugging in blueprint.

Thank you for help <3

I found the problem but i don’t know how to solve, that for loop in the viewport, loop the widget too