Wich VR glasses should I choose?

hi, everyone, I’m recently thinking about making a VR games in ue4. but I don’t have any VR glasses… I’m looking for something cheap, that works with 2 controllers like the vive, can you help me?

There is only one real alternative, the Rift+Touch combo for $600. It is expected that a MS Mixed Reality HMD with controls will be released before the end of the year.

We have chosen to move forward with the oculus rift with touch controls. We found the touch controllers to be much more sleek and ergonomic in your hand than the vive controls.

Yup, me too for the same reason. Plus it’s more comfortable to wear, has sharper and clearer displays and less SDE. I bought mine when it was still at its original launch price but now it’s $200 cheaper than the Vive getting one is a no-brainer tbh unless someone has a SERIOUS problem with Zuckerberg and Facebook.