Why Would Compiling A Blueprint Uncompile Another?

I’m not sure if this is a bug or not, but when I compile My Character, a HUD blueprint goes uncompiled, and when I compile the HUD blueprint, the My Character blueprint goes uncompiled. Why?

Thanks, I was kinda scared. Also this happened to me in 4.2

This is happening to me, also when I open my game it has compile errors. However, once I hit compile on my hud blueprint it works…

There is nothing unusual about this, when you make changes to one blueprint that other blueprints rely on, then those other blueprints need to be updated.

It is something to expect and get used to, it is not a problem :slight_smile:

Have fun today!


PS: there is a Save All button in the content browser that simplifies the process of making changes to one asset that require updates in other assets.

Do you know why when I open my game after its been closed the Hud blueprint has errors but I only hit compile it works just fine?

Hi xslayerz,

This sounds like a rather different issue with compiling. It could be a number of things. Would you mind creating a separate post so that the proper people can look into it?

So what is the solution or what are the reasons? I have this issue right now. I hit compile in one blueprint - it makes second blueprint dirty, then I hit compile in second blueprint and it dirts the first, and both blueprints are dirty when I play in editor. And second blueprint is not working correctly when playing a standalone game.