Why wont this work

Ok so I am trying to have it so that when you take dmg the regen has to go through a delay of 10sec. Than after that it will regenerate normaly. why wont it spit out that it would be false if no dmg is happening or vice versa. Please help.8d2b06c28347896ba2d564b072f5a91a9fb3eefe.jpeg

hi , fun with Blueprints eh?

got one question what is your Player’s ‘Health’ (variable) set to?

your branch is checking if ‘100’ is more than your player’s ‘Health’, another words unless your player’s Health is 99 or less this will never work. :wink:
(maybe try putting your player’s Health in the top input & the 100 below in the other input. if you are wanting to test if the player’s health is above 100 that is)

some hints that might help now & in the future:
–use ‘Print String’ to check if something is working. for instance: if a variable or anything is returning a value (especially the one you want)
–be careful with delay nodes if they take too long program execution will actually skip what’s after them sometimes, especially calls to Events. (try using a Timer to fire off your Event)
–pay close attention to your program flow

Also, were are you setting took damage back to false?


You have some interesting logic going on there, You may want to try writing out in Pseudo code what you want to achieve and how it should happen and then try doing that in blueprints, you seem to be over complicating the problem.

Dear ayretek,
The Health regenerates just fine the only thing that Im trying to to do is have the regen delay for 10secs if dmg is recived. thats why there is a branch with the took dmg. I want to have it so if took dmg is true that it goes through the delay instead of going straight to the regen cycle. Also I tried to switch the health and the 100 like you said but it didnt work.

Dear Zoltan jr.
I plan on making it simper after I figure out whats going on with this very over complicated one. Im sti learning so im taking it one step at a time. Also thanks for the advice of writing it down. I will do that tonight and see if that helps me out. I will probly post a picture of what I write down so that I can get some advice.

What do you mean back to false?