Why won't this Hovership Hover?

Hey guys. Got a few issues here. I’m trying to create a hovership that only runs on a certain distance from the ground and works off of thrusters that can be placed around the model. That, unfortunately, has encountered a few snags.

I’ve been through the sparse available documentation, double, triple and quadruple checked the physics - it’s all working… I think - and just can’t find the problem.

First up is the blueprint. I’ve got a feeling it’s either not firing properly, or something’s wrong with the physics, either way, it won’t update the actor location properly.

For instance, if I stick it close above the surface (say a bsp mesh) and simulate or play, it’ll print out Less Than, which is what I want, it means it’s less than 1000 units off the ground, and should be setting the thruster to 1000 to compensate (Obviously I want something that compensates relative to distance to ground, but small steps, small steps.).

If I start the mesh more than a 1000 units off the ground, it’ll print out greater than every tick. That’s cool too. It’ll even fire the respective particles.

The problem is that when the ship drops due to gravity and reaches the point where it should be printing out less than, it’ll not do so. It just continues printing out greater than.

To further confuse things, the particle emitter, which should be spawning at the relative location of the physics thruster (attached to a socket just underneath the bottom of the ship skeletal mesh), instead spawns at the relative location of the ship… If the ship was located at 0,0,0.

As you can tell, I’ve tried grabbing the location of the ship on startup, which basically did nothing. Maybe I picked the wrong node, I don’t know, still learning blueprint.

Now, I know the ship is big, so it’s really heavy, the physics material has been made to be as light as possible, but it’s still heavy, but changing the thruster power has no effect at all, even with ludicriously large numbers.

So anybody got an idea that could help me out?

A thrust strength of 1,000 is nowhere near strong enough, otherwise that code should actually work just fine for at least getting it off the ground. For example, I have a vehicle that weighs 1,798 kg ingame, and in order to keep it off the ground, I used 3 thrusters with a 1,000,000 strength each. If it’s something as big as you’re describing, you’re going to need much, much more than that.

Also, make sure the thruster(s) are set to auto activate, or activated through blueprint.

Oh hey. Yeah, I figured after no answer for ages I just trail and errorored it until I got it working. There’s a bunch of ways with how unreal handled hover attachements and how the raytraces calculate their detection that basically screwed the whole thing for a while. Once I’ve figured out the messy nature of PhAT I’ll have a more in depth tutorial.

You are absolutely right though. Cheers.

Hi Mugluck

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Thank you.

" I’ll have a more in depth tutorial."

which tutorial?
can u plz post the link?