Why won't my sprite show when it has pixels with alpha applied?

I’m using Paper2D to create sprites which I’m using the Draw Texture node to render on HUD.

When I draw a sprite with no alpha it works fine using the ‘Translucent’ mode.

However if the sprite has pixels with alpha applied it simply wont show.


Thanks for the reply.

I worked it out on my own.

Texture UWidth and Texture VHeight in the ‘Draw Texture’ node are set to 0 by default. They must be set at 1 to show the entire texture.

Thanks anyway.

I haven’t used sprites for anything but textures on a hud so I’m not sure if you need to use materials or not. Nut if you are using materials, unless it’s semitransparent, you may want masked mode. Then you can use a separate "silhouette image (or a visibility mask in the alpha channel) This would work for translucent as well but I’ve had things go invisible there because they are a bit see-through everywhere.

Thanks for sharing your solution, setting to 1 did the trick!