Why will no one help me

No matter how much I ask for help no one will help me. Why is this?

wat questions are you asking? mabe you need to put more tags on your questions

(p.s. i am a beginer so other peolpe can awnser ones i don’t know)

I see that much of your question has been answered. Maybe there is no one for this particular question.
You can try forum, and slack, too

As @thyshimrod has noted, there are potentially a number of reasons why your question may not have been answered.

The first, might be that it has simply gone unnoticed. There’s a large amount of people asking questions on the AnswerHub, and occasionally, some simply get lost in the mix.

The second is that - quite possibly - no one is able to help. That, or they might not entirely understand the question (be sure to provide as much information as possible).

Also, although the Epic team do visit the AnswerHub frequently, they have a limited amount of time. They don’t actively guarantee to answer questions. They visit and answer questions in their free time. So, it is more than understandable that they don’t respond to each and every question personally.

The community itself plays a massive part, and we all attempt to answer and help with what we can. That’s what drives the AnswerHub, in part. If you don’t find an answer here, you can certainly head to the forums, as well.