Why Unreal has so many options?...

I was wondering why it has that many very-specific-options, for instance, what is that GameBaseMode for?.. or the Spectator slot ?..

I have played Unreal Tournament for many years, and sometimes i guess that Unreal Engine is Unreal Tournament with all tools to do any kind of games… say, an editor made from a game… of course it works as expected!..but seems that some options are UT specific.

Please don´t missunderstand, i like Unreal, a great engine… just i have this curiosity…


A lot of the structure and workflow for gameplay still remains from its design to be used for games like UT

In general it’s going to have a lot of stuff though just so it can be more flexible in supporting many game types

You should take a gander at the news tab to really see what people are doing with it Feed - Unreal Engine

Unreal is not only a game engine where the developer is released in the wild, it also comes with a complete framework, sharpened from the first unreal game.

Which may seem very UT related but in reality 99.5% of the games can follow this approach, and you save a lot of time not only of programming but of how to structure the base of your game.

The name can lead to confusion because for example in normal have a gamemode of the main menu, and of course there is no gameplay.
You should see him more as a Stage Director, the bigban of the map, the gamemaster throwing dice behind its screen.