Why such a low PM box message limitation?

Could someone give a glimpse to why are UE4 forums limited to only 100 PM messages? Its severly annoying becouse my box is always fool and i would like to spare my past messages due to tracking record of conversations and its just impossible to do. I havent encountered on such harsh messaging conditions on other forums.

Yeah it is a bit low, there has been some discussion of slightly raising the limit, but the best answer is to periodically select all messages and using the panel at the bottom, downloading them to a CSV file (for use in Excel for example), then deleting everything. That way you still have a record of everything in case it’s needed.

Although I must say, my box is always fool (even when it’s empty :p)…

Oh, i see but is there additional better explanation to why such a low limitation? I am sure Epic isnt sparing few MBs on servers for user messages, so what is the case for this limitation?

Believe it or not we had to fight for that, the UDK forums had half this message space…
Its hard to get any info out of Epic regarding this. I have one theory, anyone else got any?

My own theory and its a guess is that Epic doesn’t want to host a full-messaging platform.
With such limited space and no room for attachments it can’t be used at all for project work.
So should disputes ever arise in the future about IP rights etc, Epic can’t be drawn into it.

Hm that sounds like a possibility. It sounds a bit wobbly but then again it really is wierd this PM limitation so ill stick with conspirancy theories for now :slight_smile: