Why Shouldn't The Geometry Tool Be Used in UE4?

I have been told that I shouldn’t use the geometry tool in UE4 to make a game that will be standalone on PC. I have been told that it isn’t optimised or something along those lines. So why do you see so many people using it? I have been told nearly all models should first be made in a 3D modelling program such as Blender. So why are the UE4 team using is without telling you this:
Thanks any advice would be awesome :slight_smile:

Check my answers here:

I am not sure who told you that but the information is slightly incorrect. The geometry tool can be used but it should not be used for everything in your game. You should be using it to block out your level and then take what you blocked out into your favorite 3D modeling program to clean up, UV, make collision and other wise clean it up so that it can be used in game. But if you do not want to do that or can not do that you are not going to lose anything by not doing it.

Thanks I understand now :slight_smile: one last question, are the walls and floors given in UE static meshes instead of a brush or are they also brushes? Thanks

Hi Nickmadd,

The Walls and floors in the starter content are in fact static meshes.

Like Samsterdam suggested, using BSP to block out the level is a great way to test usuability and playability for your level. If you want to delve into that side a little bit more you can check out this video where one of our senior designers Jim Brown gives you a crash course on designing levles.](

The level in this video is also available by going to the Content Examples > Open Map > Leveldesign_Workflow.umap

Thank you!