Why should I use the pawn class?

I don’t really mean to ask the question why is it so great what I mean to ask is why should I bother using it when I know perfectly how I want my pawns to behave and am just more comfortable and, due to my ignorance of how all of that works, more capable of programming them from scratch.

I know it certainly sounds like reinventing the wheel, but it’s really more of I don’t know how you’re wheels work but mine have been working just fine for the longest now. for simple enemies in single player games that are meant to just mindlessly run at the player I can’t really be bother to wrestle with a system I don’t fully understand.

Pawns, characters and the like are a bit to much of a black boxes for me to begin prototyping with, especially when I’ve been having an easier time simply subclassing Actor. For instance using the third person template and trying to create a player that can hang on ledges or that can’t walk off ledges almost seems impossible to me when I can easily do that working on my own terms.

Credit where credits is due, I know you guys at Epic know a lot more about making game then me, But from what I can gather so far pawns and the like would only help me if I want to make something with online multiplayer or if you’d like your pawns to have AI that’s not one step above brain dead.

So in short, what brick walls would I hit if I chose to make a game with out using pawns for things like that player and enemies. Could I be completely fine continuing without it?

Well you see, it’s that kinda stuff that just plain sounds obtuse to me. Admittedly I can see the benefit of such a system but what I set up in a prototype is a pawn that reads input and the player class simply uses utilities in I made in that pawn to check for input. None of that explanation really screams I must use pawns though or at least outside of that one input pawn…

Pawn if for any controllabale objects, the main feature is ability to be possesed by Controller. Controller should control the possessed pawn by calling function in to it.

You PlayerController should read the input and controller based from input controls the pawn. Indeed it just convention and you can use just actor, but engine expect you to use those convention, so eventually you might hit something that will give you feel you fight with engine.

I’m definitely trying to learn how to use Controllers and pawns but to me it’s seems that controllers are more useful then pawns are far as stuff I can’t do with out them. Really the best way to put it is that everything regarding pawns and controllers is far too simple, maybe I’m making all of it seem more complex then it but trying to understand how pawns and controllers and movement components interact is daunting with out an in depth tutorial on the subject especially when trying to figure out how all the code word together. It took me a good long while learn how to modify canJump, Now for the rest of I have no Idea.

Just working from the ground up with actors is simpler to me then figure all this out.

Well keep in mind Pawn is actor too just with extra code help to form controlled actors