Why ScrollPanel in SScrollBox isn't accessible?

The slate widget SScrollBox have many missing methods.

First the TSharedPtr ScrollPanel; is in private and there is not public method to access it.

If you want to run through items, you cannot.
If you check the code, you need to have access to the ScrollPanel since it owns all the items.

void SScrollBox::RemoveSlot( const TSharedRef<SWidget>& WidgetToRemove )
	TPanelChildren<SScrollBox::FSlot>& Children = ScrollPanel->Children;
	for( int32 SlotIndex=0; SlotIndex < Children.Num(); ++SlotIndex )
		if ( Children[SlotIndex].GetWidget() == WidgetToRemove )

Therefore it is not possible to work with this widget if you want to iterate through items or insert an item at a specific position.

Do you have any plans to provide a method like:
TSharedPtr GetScrollPanel();

In the meantime, how can I iterate through my items ?
Since getting the Children() does not work !!!

	FChildren* Childs = ObjectListBox->GetChildren();
	int32 Count = Childs->Num();
	for (auto idx = 0; idx < Count; ++idx)
		TSharedRef<SWidget> Widget = Childs->GetChildAt(idx);