Why my Static Mesh weapon when attached to my character in Blueprint doesnt move correctly

So I have attached a static mesh to my character in his blueprint via the component window
This now correctly shows the weapon in the characters arms but when the character moves the weapon doesn’t follow the characters movement it just remains flat and moves along the same path.
I have tried to find an answer on google but nothing seems to deal with this issue in version 4.1.9
Can someone explain to me what I am missing (or point me to a tutorial :slight_smile: )


Is it parented correctly to the right component? and WHY are you using such an old version???

4.1.9 is only 2 versions behind the latest version 4.2.1 (not that old)
but thanks for the reply I will look into the parenting

Oh, mt brain went derp, for some reason I processed that version wrong hahah.

Anyway, it may just be that it’s attached to the character root itself, which would let it move and possible turn, but not move up and down. So you may need to attach it to the camera

Attaching weapon to a camera 0o wut?

I would make a socket in the arm and attach the weapon. If it’s a complex object, I would rig the mesh and set the master component

I am a beginner when it comes to scripting and blueprint tho, so correct me if that’s not the right way

Try attaching it to socket.

NyxUlrich thanks it worked :slight_smile: