Why my server slot blank?


Today I created a server list in C++ and blueprints. Everything works fine except one thing…

I made 2 widget, one for the menu, one for the server slot. When I want to add the server slot widget to be the child of the scroll box in the menu widget, the texts in the server slot widget are blank. I tested it and it adds it as a child, but It’s texts are blank. I Created it with the Steam Subsystem.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

The “Make XXX” nodes are used to create new structs. Generally they contain empty values by default unless you can specify otherwise. Your “Make ServerInfo” node generates an empty struct.

I see you are already passing ServerData when creating the server slot widget. That means you already declared a variable exposed on spawn. You just need to use that variable instead of the Make ServerInfo node.

Oooooh… I see. Thanks for the help! :slight_smile: