Why my materials shows only white in android package?

Hello friends. I recently packaged my android game to my phone. The issue is my background materials are all white. And orthographic camera doesnt show anything too. So I had to use perspective camera but my materials are all still white. I tried all blend modes but didnt change anything.


This is the screenshot of packaged game from my phone. Only things we can see are character sprites, print strings and widget UI.

This is screenshot from UE4 preview.

And this is the stage. Notice the camera preview doesnt show anything at onthographic mode.

Thank you for any help.

Hi Alestes,

I’m going to attempt to reproduce your issue on my end. Could you provide a screenshot of your material graph for one of the sprites so that I know I have the same settings while testing.

Also, what device are you testing on? This issue may not appear on certain devices and it’s important that I test on something similar.

Thank you,

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