Why my cable actor can not simulate when i drag it into the scene?

I watched on youtube that others’ ue4 can works well when they drag the cable into scene.However,my cable actor works like a rigid static body that suspend in the scene without any movement. I have already checked the plugin.And i found that the simulate physics checkbox is grey that i can not enable it.

couple things to check.
the “num segments” needs to be greater than 1, and the Gravity scale needs to be greater than 0.

For sure,man.I have checked those two parameters.And it works on game model right now,but still can not work on editor.

I think you need to change length.

Can you provide screenshot/s of cable and cable forces?


Thanks!It works for me.

there is a little drop down menu in the top left of the editor. Make sure “realtime” is checked. ctrl+r is the shortcut.