Why most itens in marketplace/learn are just for windows?

i’ve noticed most of the itens from marketplace and the learn tab have only windows as target platform, why? some of them are simple models/animations, what exactly makes a project being unable to package to another platform as linux or android? is there a logical explanation to it or it’s just “we have not made any tests out of windows”

yeah, i’ve noticed most of them work anyway, but it’s sad not having an official support, what bothers me is that maybe i download them all and in a future i can’t package for linux anymore and i can’t complain about it since i’ve downloaded a lot of “non compatible assets” and i probably won’t know which one is the problem, and if all the assets from the marketplace don’t oficially works on other platforms so how can i know if the ones i created works? it’s weird saying unreal supports mac linux android html5… but if you add those static meshes to your project it may not work anymore.

Mostly the testing part is true. I do use UE on Linux exclusively but use virtual machine to download stuff from marketplace.All assets should mostly work. Plugins you would need to be careful with.

To be honest Linux support is slowly increasing on the editor side and I think some preasure to have a working Marketplace client would do wonders, some of us are even willing to put some of our time to make stuff work. I do think that the main reason there is no Marketplace client is that there is no actual binary for Linux, you have to build from source.

As for the Licensing…you do own it as you “bought” it in the marketplace, even though it is free it still applies. So you can even complain about the compatibility or support feedback when you test something and it works ok.

As I said before Meshes, textures and stuff should work 100%. Plugins need to be actualy supported, but the most common ones are.

If you create your own things you can find group of people who are willing to test it. From what I understand most poeple do it in releasing a small subset of the package for free, works both as an add and as a testing ground for the big thing.