Why isn't the player advancing to Wave 4?

Hi, My name is Troy. I have created a zombie game.There should be infinite amount of waves, but for some reason the player cannot advanced to wave 4. Here are the blueprints that are relevant. I see no reason to why it would only work for the first 3 rounds, should i upgrade to the latest version of UE4? It only works in the editor (Although sometimes in the editor it doesn’t work), and never works when packaged.

Solved this problem a while ago. It had nothing to do with the loop, the loop works fine. It was to do with the “Set timer by function name”. Because it was set to go 1 second after a zombie is killed, if you killed a zombie within that second it would not count it, therefore you wouldn’t reach 0 zombies and therefore never reach the next wave. Thank you for posting an answer though, i appreciate it.

You shouldn’t use recursion for simple loop.

& you should finally upgrade your engine to the last non preview version