Why is there a frustratingly long redirecting screen when you log in?

Even going afk for half an hour or so feels like it makes it have to frickin’ log you back in, and there’s that stupid screen that takes forever to finally redirect you. I can’t believe everyone puts up with that garbage lmao, what the hell man. I’m staying logged out until I need to post anything because that is the dumbest forum login “feature” I’ve ever seen. If that’s supposed to be some attempt at concealing DDOS protection, you guys could at least be upfront about it. Or make a “remember me” option so it doesn’t have to frickin’ log you in multiple times a goddam day lmao come on, that’s ridiculous. What the hell man?

Hey there! This is an issue with the forums and we’re looking into the cause and how to fix it. It’s not intentional and we’ll have it updated as soon as possible.