Why is my shipping build for android much larger then the development build?

so my shipping build is larger then my development build, mainly due to a file called libUE4.so in the shipping build, this didnt exist before but after i made some changes inside the project settings it appeared, need to export the game without it


yes i am building multi, so if libUE4.so is necessary , does it mean my mobile build that i have to upload on the store is the entire 265mb?

yes, you can look on compression settings in asset properties. You can also look in to afvance packaging settings more, there might be some options that can shrink the your build.

You sure you dont build multi? which would be larger. libUE4.so is normal as shipping build is compiled in monolith build, which all modules are link together to single file

i had a video that was causing this weird result , i ended up compressing it and using a much more smaller size , which when build brought down the size drastically, a bit weird , but worked