Why is my pawn not valid when playing the program?

Hey all, when I was using blueprints in persona in the event graph, my Pawn doesn’t seem to be valid when I play the program. Of course it wont be valid in Persona, but when I play the game, it doesn’t run any of the code after the IsValid node. Please help. Thank you in advance

You 100% sure that you pawn owner set in that perticular pawn object?

No…where would I go about that? Tks

What do u mean? I made a pawn class, in blueprint, and where can I set that to be the pawn owner?

On spawn you can also set owner. But what pawn you want to access

Hey guys, thank you for all the help. I figured this one out by myself by setting the animation blueprint control animation instead of the animation asset. Thank You!!

How did you do this? I’m getting the same problem, and am very new to UE4

Ok, my problem may or may not be the same as yours, but my problem was I wasn’t even using the animation blueprint, I was using an animation asset. So I had to, in my character blueprint, change the animation mode for the skeletal mesh from animation asset to animation blueprint, then set the correct animation blueprint generated class.

Hope that helps!!

Try get player controller instead to see if that fixes your check.

It did…you just saved me hours of clicking, checking…compiling and testing thanks a mil :slight_smile:

There are some case when a pawn not valid. The pawn not possed or killed be for u access or be delayed by reason. Becare full to use delay function or destroy actor.