Why is my Paper2D game so slow when packaged?

Attached is a picture of my game. As you can see, it is very simple, and is only using the same texture/sprite over and over again.

All of the “tiles” have their tick events disabled until they are needed. On my computer, it is a 70 fps, but on my phone it is a 6 fps.

I previously had this game in only UI, but now its actual PaperSprites, but its still getting immense lag.

I’m looking at these other more complicated games that have shaders, materials, lighting builds, complex maps, static and dynamic meshes, and a bunch of other things with huge overheads, then I’m looking at my game and I’m baffled that mine has such low framerates and theirs don’t. When I look up how to optimize the mobile game, none of them apply to me because I don’t use any of these things.

What could possibly be the issue here? Any ideas?


One cannot know for sure if it’s your phone or the software without testing it on other products. If you’re testing for android, you can actually grab a few android emulators and see which android configuration gives you the best performance, then the rest would be tweaking to see what’s up. Ways to optimize would certainly be getting most things off tick. simplifying your blueprint calls, making sure there’s no redundant calls being made for checks and balances. (If this, do this, if not this, do this error prevention thing.) Lastly you say “All of the “tiles” have their tick events disabled until they are needed” I would just make sure their tick events are purely disabled and run looping timers that can be turned off or timeline nodes to do things over time that can be turned off.

Good luck buddy.

What device model did you test?