Why is my lighting broken (a real classic)?

Hi there,

when I rebuilt lighting in UE 4.12.3, it currently looks like this:

As you can see, there seems to be no indirect lighting or (baked) ambience occlusion at all, many shadows are pitch black instead. Why?

Some info about the scene:

  • Every object in this screen are static
  • Single stationary, directional light
  • 1 skylight
  • 20 bounces in world settings
  • Lightmass importance volume used

Here are my lightmass (world-)settings:

Settings for my directional light:

… and for my sky light:

Stationary lights don’t support lightmaps AFAIK. You need to generate distance field shadows (there is an option in the Project Settings and per mesh).

AFAIK they do (it works in principle, as you can see here):

On some places though, it doesn’t. Whyever.

Well, then I guess it’s a question only Epic can answer. I do not get any shadows baked when using stationary lights.

For stationary lights they are stored differently but they are still baked. Usually if you’re having issues it’s due to lightmap resolution or your lightmap UV’s make sure they are assigned correctly and that the resolution is adjusted for the mesh.

Hmm, the affected assets are all from Epic istelf, merged by the Actor Merging Utiliy to save drawcalls. Lightmap resolution is 1024.