Why is my ai failing to see me through a half open door

Guys my English is quite ■■■■ so i just post a video so tou can see the problem yourself.

The problem is definitely not the behavior trees cuz i have tested them in all situations and they didn’t fail.

The problem is when the ai sees me while she’s opening the door that’s when she gets stuck if i move out of its vision she’s able to behave normally again so i think the door somehow glitches the ai perception?

That looks like a navigation issue, not a perception issue.
Maybe the door frame is too narrow? Maybe the actor capsule is too big? Maybe the door is set to block naviation? Maybe the actor itself is set to block navigation?

FWIW, I think your doors openings look too small for good gameplay. Yes, they may be realistic size for architectural visualization, but that doesn’t make for smooth gameplay! Make every SPACE 30% bigger in a game. 3.5m ceiling height. 1.5m wide doors. And so on.

The ai is able to go through doors with no problem as u can see from the beginning of the video. The problem is when the ai sees me while opening the door that’s when it gets stuck, I’ve checked the successfully sensed boolean with a print string and it’s flip flopp every frame.