Why Is it so hard and complex to make a character sits and stands?

I am a beginner to this engine and looking for any information that tells me how to make a player to sit on a chair→idle→stand when the certain key is pressed. I could not find anyone to do that. All I find was complex and way too hard for me.
Is that supposed to be that hard? I had no problem when I do opening and closing a door. I am so frastrated that I cannot do it. Anyone can help me?

To create smooth animation chains you should take a look at Animation Blueprint.

Also take a look at this .

When you interact with the chair (similar to opening a door), you will issue a command to AnimBP to change the character’s animation.

You can also just call the PlayAnimation function on your skeletal mesh, but the transition usually doesn’t look smooth.


I have all the animation assets from Maxima, so I thought I can change the character to another character mesh when the animation plays. That way, I do not have to deal with a new blueprint. But the problem is that the animation does not beplayed although the transition seems fine.

I am not sure where to find info about it.