Why is it failing to open my map file?

Currently getting the error:

Failed to load map C:/Users/username/Documents/Unreal Projects/OnlineTest/Content/Maps/OnlineMap.umap

File is not in any of the following content folders:

C:/Program Files/Unreal Engine/4.1/Engine/Content/
C:/Users/username/Documents/Unreal Projects/OnlineTest_Mine/Content/

I have no idea why this is happening and when looking around people seemed to have the problem if they are using different directories to the set install paths, I am not.

Anybody got any idea why this is happening? It’s currently stopping me from easily switching between my levels in the editor and I’m having to set the default map to load when the editor starts and then restarting the editor which isn’t ideal really.

You seem to have two copies of your project folder and you’re trying to open a file in one, while the other is the active project. Notice the difference in the paths, one has “_Mine”, while the other does not.

To be able to open the map located in OnlineTest you should open that project, not the OnlineTest_Mine project.

Ah didn’t even realise that for some reason. I’m guessing there is a setting somewhere in the project that defines where the map directory is and do you know where I can change that?

The location of the project file itself defines the project’s location. So just open the .uproject in the correct folder.