why instant crouch?

hey, so I added the crouch ability to my fps template character, but it happens instantly. it’s weird cause jumping has that nice upward movement, while crouching happens instantly as if I teleported into the ground. why is this and how to set a crouching movement?

Yes, this is the Out of the Box functionality that we get for crouch and it’s up to you to implement your own aesthetics. A quick and dirty example is to have your camera a child of a SpringArm. Just leave the length at 0 and enable camera lag when you crouch, disable it on crouch finished. Same thing goes for uncrouching.

You can do it with a delay to start. CrouchButtonPressed->EnableCameraLag->Delay->DisableCameraLag

This doesn’t mean it’s the best or right way to do it. It’s up to you to explore the options for getting the look you want.

I’m gonna try this, thanks for the tip