Why if I started rendering a cinematic, unreal render gameplay?

Well, I’m using Unreal engine 5 for the first time, so, when I try to render a sequence, UE5 Renders some of the gameplay apparently, I’m practicing with a demo scene from the marketplace.

[Unreal engine 5 demo - YouTube](https://Video about unreal)

I’m not sure what you’re trying to ask, but I think I understand…

In the event construct you can try setting the scene to complete darkness and then on begin play after the sequence starts playing you can make it fade in or just blink into existence. I haven’t played much with sequences yet but there are different things for order of operations like event begin play, event construct, event tick, etc… Perhaps you have it on the wrong one? But I imagine that there will always be a blip of gameplay before anything so you might want to just mask the whole scene in darkness before the game starts.

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