Why I have so low FPS after converting form v.4.1 to v.4.2?


I convert my project from 4.1 to 4.2 but I have not so loooow FPS and I dont know why. Befor on 4.1 I’ve got great FPS. I use alienware laptop and I dont have any problems with low FPS in UE4.

Can you help me with this problem please? I try also to but details for project to low details but nothing happens. Just maby +4 fps

I also try sample projects but it is the same on 4.2 is low fps what ever I try. Maby I make something wrong.

Thank you for all who will help me :slight_smile:

Hi KennyKuda,

Can you post this on the AnswerHub in the “Bug” section. This would be a situation that would be better to ask there.

Thank you!


Thank you,

I already did this but in section Using UE4.
But I will put it also to Bug section :wink: