Why I chose Unreal over Unity

Obviously, one of the most crucial aspects when starting out building games is choosing the right game engine. I chose Unreal over Unity for the following reasons and I would love to hear other reasons as well.

For me personally, I’m trying to build a AAA quality, 3D FPS style game. Lofty goal, but hey, aim high, miss high right?

Here’s the quick rundown of the strengths/weaknesses from my research.

Better Graphics
Better Visual Design System
C++ (Game Industry Standard)
The internal team actually builds games from the engine
Full Source Code Access
Blueprint - No coding required
Great for AAA, high quality games
Heavy Duty, XBox, PC, PS4
Does not depend on asset store for serious functionality
Amazing Editor
Less on Asset store, but higher quality
Smaller community
Royalty vs. Monthly fee (Personally, I like this better)

Asset Store
Great Plugins
Lots of learning material
Easier to learn
Great for mobile games
Monthly fee for mobile
No Source Code
Royalty Free
Large Community
More platform support

Unity definitely seems to have more adoption and I would speculate that it’s because of the fact that they seem to be the first one to the party with a free mobile friendly engine along with the great beginner tutorials. Could be wrong. Anyway, would love to get your feedback/other reasons why Unreal > Unity.

Unreal for my is:


Out of the box tools.

Gameply framework.

Unity get a big base of developers when unreal was not free and with not movile posibilitys.
The majority of others game engines when Unity started was a hell.

Without Unity Unreal would remain an engine for rich people.