Why I can't rotate character?

I’m working on some project for Google VR and I have problem with rotate the player character. When I use HMD I can rotate camera but not a character. When I use right analog stick I can do nothing. I want to use hmd or right analog to specify direction of movement. I attached screens with: movement, rotating by hmd, rotating by right analog. I can’t use default controller and character pawn, because my phone interprets triggers as right analog stick of my xbox controller. When I plug it camera starts rotate itself.

Quick check: does your VR pawn have a movement component in it? (i.e. if it is derived from either Default Pawn or Character it should have one. If it is derived from Pawn it doesn’t)

Set Control rotation, not actor rotation.

You’ll also need to offset it by a Pivot (HMD Relative location).