why i can't do that.

I think i can do that another way not than easy, but if someone known why i can connect return value SpawnActor to “Simulate physics” if i specific the CLASS in the blueprint “Spawn” and not if i “GET” the class will be nice.

first its working simple example in level blueprint and in other i can’t join the nodes (character blueprint)

Is the variable you GET set to an object or is it empty? I did a mistake that I created a variable of a class and used it as input for something similar. But my variable was only set to represent that class but was empty and therefore it didn’t worked out.

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its a empty class’actor’ array, i fill the array at runtime.

seems that way does not work

i try too create a var class’actor’ and select default value a actor for try if works well , just curiosity that not fix my problem but does not work

You’d don’t enable simulation on an actor, you need to do it on a specific component (an actor could contain lots of different components).

yep. i think i understand now.

seems necesary for the blueprint known the target its “Static mesh 1” and NO the static mesh of this “return object” (what i think and want first time when try… ), that because like you say a actor can have more than one. that why not work. if i spawn actor from a var the engine can’t known what static mesh want enable physics. that why i can’t join nodes.

well unreal engine seems easy tool, but some concepts its something that a noob going to stumble much. :rolleyes:

thx both.