why epic has'nt created ad sdk yet ?

I dont know why epic has’nt created ad sdk yet . ue4 only support iad or admob that is very very bad all game engine have a sdk for ad network but ue4 have not
My question from moderator -> is it possible that in the futrue Epic add a sdk to ue4 engine or epic dont want add it never ?
I can not integrate ad network to ue4

Please help me !

Moderators will most likely not have an answer to this question as we are not Epic employees.

You may try posting your question on the Answer Hub, if you don’t hear from anyone at Epic, although they are pretty good responding on the Forums as well.

To add… yeah… I don’t know why you’re asking for an SDK when the whole engine is open source. It’s all available for you to interface with / edit at your leisure and discretion. The beauty of this is that if your specific use case isn’t met by the engine team, you can mod the engine to suit your specific needs. Yeah, it’ll take a bit of effort, but it’s at least possible.

Just to correct you here … this engine is not Open Source … you merely have access to the source as a subscriber. There is a large distinction between the two.

As to the OP. What do you mean by an SDK? Your question is a little confusing as you have access to the Source Code as a subscriber and this is better than any SDK you could ever get. Maybe if you eloborate a bit more on what you are looking for or meaning by an SDK.

I guess he means an Ad SDk. For Ads management.

Hopefully they will continue to gear this engine towards greater things than ad-supported mobile mini-games.

Not to be negative or anything, I’d just like to see dev-resources funneled the way I like :wink:

Have you checked out the IAdvertisingProvider interface in the Advertising module?

Michael Noland

No Michael not checked it still, now will give it a look and try to work with it.

hi my english is not good -> my mean from sdk is ad sdk . i dont want to use iad or admob but i can integrate other ad network to my game :frowning: