Why does Unreal need to be rebuilt when I connect cell phone?

I’m using a 4.8 Release from Git HUB because I wanted to make a dedicated server which I had working properly on a windows PC with an open port, but when I built the game on a cell phone and tried to connect to the game server it was giving me the network error: Package missing.

Thinking the issue had something to do with asynchronous code between the game server and the mobile version I recompiled everything in Visual Studio: Game Development Server, Game Development Client, Game Development Editor, UE4 Development Editor. Then in the Editor I made sure that Full Rebuild was on and built the windows version and the cellphone version anew. It worked! The game was playing perfectly and I could play from computer and cellphone at the same time.

Yesterday I wanted to put it on a new cellphone to play cellphone to cellphone. I connected it and hit launch on the editor (which I did on my cellphone after it worked all the time) but it was giving me the network error: Package missing so lunched it put it on my cell phone to make sure it was still working.

On my cellphone the game connected to the server but the game wasn’t taking inputs so I did a full rebuild in the U4 Editor for the Android and got the network error: Package missing error on my cell phone. So I decided to do the full rebuild of everything in Visual Studio again and now I’m getting the same problem as before the game it’s taking inputs.

I spent yesterday night and this morning rebuilding everything which takes a couple hours and would like to be able to test the game without having to do this again. currently I’m trying to figure out whats going on with the inputs but I’d like to now if anyone has had this bug before? Connecting a new cellphone give issues with a game after launch.

I launched the game and it gave me a Travel Error Package missing.

I’m rebuilding again to make sure everything was rebuilt correctly since I did some of it last night…

Recompiled everything and the cell phone is not taking inputs.

It seems to be a problem with the communication via RPC functions. Not able to send a message to the server or receive a message. Though it does come up as connected on the server when I login. I’m debugging in various ways but the results are coming up the same when I build the game for android the input wont work but when I launch the game from the editor it give me a travel error: Package missing when trying to connect to the server.