Why does the unreal engine crash?

Every time I use blueprints, the engine crashes. Is there a solution?

What are you doing when it crashes? Can you post a log that gives us more info on what you were doing when it crashed? Right now there is no way to tell you what happened because you are not providing enough information.

I get a message that says “You do not have any debugging symbols required to display the callstack for this crash.” I am doing a blueprint tutorial from udemy.


No answer?

Please be aware this is a forum section for feedback about the engine. This is not intended for support. Once you have more information, you may want to try posting in the Blueprints forum section for suggestions from the community. (EDIT: this post has now been moved from ‘Feedback’ to the ‘Blueprints’ section)

Epic Games staff may help on occasion with issues, but we do not provided dedicated support here. Members of the development community help when able, but as Sam mentioned, you have not provided enough information to offer any help. Additional information regarding engine resources can be found here - Unreal Engine Support | Get Help and Customer Service for UE - Unreal Engine

As you come upon issues or questions, it is best to run searches to find solutions. For example, you can find the solution to your current challenge about debugging symbols here -…quired-to.html (see the green highlighted answer)

It is possible that you are experiencing a crash that has already been documented. You can search for known issues here -

If the crash isn’t known already, then you will want to determine the exact reproduction steps that cause it to happen, and then file a bug report from here - Report a Bug - Unreal Engine

Also, if you experience a crash, make sure to always submit the Crash Reports from the dialog window that pops up. Our QA team does review for crashes with high occurrences of affecting users and we track for further investigation, but this is only possible when Crash Reports are submitted.

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I gotta agree with post! Since I can remember 4.18 (or just before) that it went pears up with trying to do something with this engine. (Yes I have submitted a bug report - AGAIN) however that seems to be in vain, as the problem still remains for some users). When it got to version 4.20 it could hardly be used. as soon as Unreal Editor was open on my laptop, it just crashed. Couldn’t stay open for more than a minute! Epic Games you are getting close but as the saying goes “Close but no cigar!” I don’t know whether it’s a combination of your engine and the graphics card I’m using which is NVIDIA GeForce 1050GTX or a clash in drivers, but seriously, something needs to be done! Its starting to a major concern for those on a particular system using a particular graphics card! It was ABSOLUTELY fine before a certain version was installed, it’s been poor ever since (I never thought I’d say that about an engine). Let’s hope the next update resolves that issue of it consistently crashing along with Visual Studio Community 2019 on the horizon that should address this issue, the sooner you have the issue of it crashing and more importantly why it is consistently shutting down sooner after the updated version is released as well as a resolution of fixing it, the better!

Remember epic games has an F rating!

Out of interest what RAM have you got?

my unreal crashes if I have a web browser on my pc but it doesnt do it on my laptop.

make sure unreal is the only thing open

@SJO3000 I have sent you a PM when you have an opportunity.