Why does my UI keep losing focus?

I have a function that runs every time I open a menu, whose job is to keep the player from moving or looking around, but keep the keyboard enabled (so they can navigate the menu with keys):


This works, but it has a very annoying bug: whenever it fires, it appears to remove focus from the UI, and as a result I need to click on the screen once to restore focus, then again to actually press the button/interface element I’m trying to use. Is there any way to ensure that UMG retains focus, so the first click after a user widget opens will interact with that widget?

In Set Input Mode Game and UI node, drag off In Widget to Focus and make it your UMG you’d like focused. That should do the trick :slight_smile:

Ooh, thank you for the suggestion, I feel silly for not noticing that in the first place! :slight_smile: Connecting said node still leads to strange behavior, though: the first time I open a menu with this, it correctly receives focus (and allows me to mouse over/click buttons with no extra steps), but the second and any subsequent time I run the same function, it doesn’t appear to receive focus- none of the UI responds to mouseover, and to interact with any of it I need to click once (anywhere on the screen), which I assume sets the focus, then again to actually use the UI.

Edited to add: I don’t know why this worked, but I solved the problem by cut & pasting the logic that spawns the window from a function in my HUD controller into an event in the controller. Exact same logic, but running from an event instead of a function properly sets focus.