Why does my tree look so strange?

When i import my tree from blender, the plane that has my branch texture on it looks strange. I checked double sided for the geometry, and i clickded two sided in the material as well. i Imported this from blender after duplicating the planes and flipping the normals. I have tried everything i know but still have an issue. does anyone what im doing wrong?

thank you

Two sided material just places it on both sides of a plane. In my opinion you need to make diamond leaves not single plane ones. Also maybe try to make more planes/diamonds rather than 4 giant ones.

I found enabling tangent space normals in the material details helped me remove some unwanted material colour and lighting effects…

Thank you for the suggestion but this did not work for me

How do we know it’s strange without a comparison shot from blender?

Here is what it looks like in blender

and here is unreal

2021-09-22 13_08_03-Window

All I can really see is that in Blender it isn’t shaded, while in unreal it’s shadowing and self shadowing…