Why does my test level crash after the 4.0.2 update?

Short Video (Doesn’t tell you much information here)

Tell me where I can find the crash file you would like me to fetch and I will.

Win7 SP1 64bit Dual Core (yes yes below recommended ) 2.13ghz
Nvidia Geforce EVGA GT220 1gb graphics
2G Memory

PS: This might or might NOT work. I’ve attached a file. This is a .UPROJECT File. Although you don’t have the Original Assets of the project, perhaps there is a clue within the code of it.

Hi Tobias,

Thank you for reporting the issue. You can find your logs in the following location:

C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Unreal Projects\PROJECTNAME\Saved\Logs

If you wouldn’t mind, attaching your system specs via dxdiag might help as well and prevent us from requesting them down the road if needed. Also, I was able to determine the issue based on the video and attached file, hoping that the logs will give us more information.



I have attached the specs from DXconfig of the system as well as the logs acrchive TikTokDownloader - Download Video tiktok Without Watermark - SnapTik - en

oh I’m glad you found the issue this fast… Now this was my first update as I have started with version 4.0 .1about a week before you released for 4.0.2. How frequently do you release updates, in average? just wondering when I will be able to resume project development

Also , How safe is it to continue working on this level? I wouldn’t want to keep working on it to find out that I have to start anew.

Not really a resolved issue, Level still crashes, IN FACT. I have switched Computers today,a more powerful machine. and this problem still persists. Wes Bunn said he found what the issue was but that didn’t exactly sole it.

specks here:4.0.2 - Crash on Launch. Brand new Computer. [Entry Point Not Found] - Platform & Builds - Epic Developer Community Forums

My only other option here is to start teh whole level from scratch and pray to god its not going to happen again otherwise its not exactly a “non-programmer friendly” environment as the developers claim to be.