Why does my standalone window plugin not update changes?

Whenever I hit “compile” in the editor, my plugin window doesn’t update even though the code was changed. It remains with the default text. The plugin was created with Edit->Plugins. Do I have to do something special to compile plugins? I’ve tried disabling/enabling the plugin and restarting the editor, but so far nothing’s working… Thanks in advance.

As a note, the plugin was created using the plugin creator built into the editor after clicking the “new plugin” button.

I am not sure if there is any other ways to compile plugins, probably is :stuck_out_tongue:
I use Visual Studio to compile plugins. I write all the code in my project (not in the plugin) and then I can use Hot Reload to quickly see the changes and when I am finished with it I just move all the code to the plugin. I have an empty C++ project just to compile my plugins, I just place my plugins into “Plugins” folder and compile the project with Visual Studio and all the plugin get compiled with the project.