Why does my door code bug out when a second door is added to the level?

The top code is my keycard that you pick up and it turns on a boolean in the character blueprint that is HasKey? This allows you to enter the doors hitbox and open the door. Except that somehow when a second door is added to the level not only can you not open the door but you can no longer pick up the key even. I am so confused. Please help!

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Turns out I had consume input enabled.


you should not be using “Enable Input” in the actors. This is extremely inefficient. You should be using BluePrint Interface.


I just started a couple weeks ago. How does this interface work? Can I have some reference to why and how to implement it? :slight_smile:

Here’s a tut I did on a drawer system. Same exact principle. If you need one on doors (networked) let me know.