Why does my Client and Server try to posses same pawn? I think...

Hello! I started to create one little funny game and i used a template i found from internet. It included the grid-based movement so it was perfect. I build the level little bit and then started to include multiplayer aspect. For some reason if i put that there are two players the server will always loose the controller and only client can play.

I tested and created another pawn and it seemed to work. Creating an character works perfectly. I don’t want to copy and paste all the code just to get this annoying thing to working. Any idea what might cause the problem? There isn’t anything inside construction script or GameState/Gamemode/Player controller yet so it cannot be those.

Here are controllers

When game starts server is throwed out.

Server after throwed out.

I’d love to get ideas what might cause this. Oh and one more thing. For some reason the pawn might be spawning exactly at the same spot. So i might need to restart level multiple times before the characters are spawned to different controllers.