Why does my character flicker after using animation layering?


I have a character from Mixamo Fuse rigged and animated through Mixamo website. I was able to import the skeletal mesh and the animations and also create a 1D Blendspace for Idle-Walk-Run. Up to that point everything worked fine. Now, I wanted to modify the running animation and instead of pointing the gun towards my target I wanted to point it down. So I copied my running animation to a new one and edit it with the additive layer tracks by creating keyframes for the rotated bones in frame zero. I applied the animation, saved it and replaced the running one I had in the blendspace and saved the blendspace. Though my animation looked fine in the preview, the character’s hands flicker when I test it in game mode. For debugging purposes I also used a print string in the character’s blueprint to check the characters speed and it seems that it could not reach the maximum running value (600) after applying the additive tracks. Instead it was fluctuating all the time.

I use UE 4.9.1 in a mac environment if that helps at all.

Hello again,

No need. It wasn’t the additive layer that messed things up but the attached weapon.