Why does my build fail?


Today I decided to try out to build my project, but it failed. I am not really sure why it failed, but I was hoping someone on here could explain and hopefully help me out on how to fix/repair this.

I have an image that showcases what the output log looks like.

Has anyone had any similar issues?

Thanks in advance,


EDIT: I just noticed that we have 8 errors. Any idea on how to see these errors and fix them?

you show the red lines. Probably 8 lines.

Hey, thanks for the reply.

Update: I managed to fix the errors. I am now trying to cook the project via UnrealFrontend.exe!

Although I am getting this error now when I try to cook it: "Program.Main: ERROR: No files found to deploy for D:\UE4\4.1\Engine\Binaries\Win64 with wildcard UE4Game-Win64-Shipping.exe and exclusions "

Any clue to how to fix this?

nope, sorry. look chinese to my. :confused:

Same here. Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

Anyone else? Thankful for quick help!