Why does it not spawn in front of me?

Hi All

Might be simple, but when I hit “T”, I spawn a Mesh, but it never spawns in front of me, Always to X. I have added 300 to X so it spawns in front.




where are you fire this code?

You need to add the actors forward vector * x instead of just adding to the x-axis.

Use “get forward vector”, then multiply that by 300. Now add that to the actors location. You will now have 300 units in front of your actor.

Thank you. Works great.

Would like to see if I could improve this a little by being able to place object at crosshairs.

I am able to do that, except that it spawns in the middle to other objects. Now I am using the 1st person template, and it does not spawn in the White boxes, but does spawn in the middle of the walls.

Is that just the level or am I not getting something right?